WMSD 6th graders gather to rally against drugs and bullying

For the first time in YEARS, West Memphis School District 6th graders attended the Red Ribbon Rally in support of Red Ribbon Week. 

AWM hosted the students on Wednesday, and it was a joint effort between many AWM organizations.

JROTC presents colors

AWM's JROTC presented the colors.


AWM band performs

As students entered, the band played music. 

AWM show choir performs

AWM show choir performs

The choir performed the national anthem and a special anti bullying show. 

Cheerleaders lead students in cheers against drugs.

During the rally, AWM cheerleaders led students in chants and cheers saying, "Be drug free!"

Special guest speaker Geno Brownlee addressed the students, informing them on the different types of bullying and offering up advice on how to stay motivated and rise above the negatives in life.

Geno Brownlee meets with students.

After his talk, he invited students onto the court and they all chanted, "Stop the bullying!"

WMSD Elementary Counselors did an amazing job organizing this event this year, and students enjoyed the festivities.

Students enjoyed the rally.

Students dancing at the rally.